Flooring in Edwardsville, IL from Archview Flooring

Why Bringing Home Flooring Samples from Archview Flooring Is a Must

Welcome to Archview Flooring, your trusted source for premium flooring solutions in Edwardsville, IL. We've been proudly serving the communities of Edwardsville, Glen Carbon, Maryville, Collinsville, IL, and St. Louis, MO since 2008. At Archview Flooring, we understand that choosing the perfect flooring for your home is a significant decision. To help you make an informed choice, we highly recommend bringing home flooring samples to view inside your home. In this blog post, we'll explore why this simple but essential step can make all the difference in your flooring selection process.

1. See How It Fits Your Space

While our showroom is designed to showcase our wide range of flooring options, it's not always easy to imagine how a particular style or color will look in your own home. Lighting, existing decor, and room size can all influence the way a flooring sample appears. By taking home samples, you can place them in your space and see how they complement your interior design. This firsthand experience can be invaluable in making the right choice.

2. Assess Natural and Artificial Lighting

Lighting can dramatically alter the appearance of flooring materials. What looks like the perfect shade in our showroom may appear differently under the lighting conditions of your home. Bringing home flooring samples allows you to observe how they look in both natural daylight and artificial lighting, helping you avoid any unexpected surprises after installation.

3. Match with Existing Decor

Your home's existing decor, including furniture, paint colors, and accessories, plays a significant role in the overall aesthetic. By having flooring samples on hand, you can see how different options complement your decor. You'll be able to make sure that your new flooring enhances the beauty of your space rather than clashing with it.

4. Test Durability and Maintenance

Every flooring type has its unique maintenance requirements and durability. Some materials may be more suitable for high-traffic areas, while others may be better suited for low-maintenance living spaces. By having samples at home, you can perform practical tests, like dropping objects, dragging furniture, or simulating common spills, to see how well the flooring holds up. This hands-on approach can help you make an informed decision about the durability and maintenance level you're comfortable with.

5. Gather Feedback from Family Members

Choosing flooring is often a family decision. Each member may have their preferences and opinions about the flooring selection. Bringing home samples allows you to involve your family in the decision-making process, ensuring that everyone is comfortable with the final choice.